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Emily VanCamp: ALS Ice Bucket Challenge [x].


Revenge Season 3 Bloopers - Aimily Scene

"You’re supposed to be a ninja!"

I’m so sorry guys, but I’m currently doubting my fangirl life. I really would love to keep on loving revenge and everything else but tumblr is just killing my vibe. hopefully it’ll get better soon, but I just don’t know what to do against it. I’m quite sure, that nobody’s bothered anyway. I’m just really sorry if I dissapoint you. I’ll be on hiatus for a while now, but my inbox is always open. xoxo


"You know, Aiden once told me that for most of his life he felt broken, but that all changed when he met you. You were the reason for him to live…"

                                                                                                   "And now I’ve lost mine"


lo Revenge fans! As a way for our small fandom to get to know each other, here’s 10 questions for you to fill out if you wish! Just reblog with your answers :)

1. Name?
dorothy or dori

2. Other accounts? (Twitter, Youtube, etc. -optional)
twitter - domahoa
youtube - domahoaful (but not very active)
tumblr - domahoa
fanfiction.net - u/5205257/ (but currently on hiatus there)

3. Favorite Season and/or Episode of Revenge/Why?
although the most people hate it, I really liked season 2 and probably still my favorite episode of revenge is “masquerade” because I just really loved Aiden’s part in s2 and I adore episodes with masks etc.

4. Favorite Character?
It was Aiden Mathis but now… Nolan Ross

5. Favorite Ship/Why?
It was aimily but now… I ship noone *sobbing quielty*

6. Favorite Emily Takedown?
gosh so many… convic in general (who wouldn’t chose them?) but from the others probably michelle banks

7. Least Favorite Character/Why?
Charlotte… goddamn girl!

8. Saddest Character Death?
Aiden, duuh?!

9. Other fandoms you are a part of?
Probably Reign, NFTBA, pll aand … idk hahaha

10. Other ships?
Frary, Ezria … so many hahaha but my heart was beating for aimily and is now broken… how can I trust a ship ever again?

Am I the only person who does not want Victoria as the narrator this season?


That has always been an important part of the episodic, talks about what is living the protagonist, who is Emily, I refuse them to change that.

you’re kidding right? they could NOT change this!





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You really do suck!

i came out here to have a good time and I’m honestly feeling so attacked right now

he’s playing with our feelings… I’m really pissed.

this blog is turning one today



WHAAAAAAAT? I just saw this ….
this hurts so much and I don’t know what to think about it now :(

Excuse me?!?!?!

I feel… betrayed?